Pricing Options:

We have different add on options that suit each student’s needs.

Add on option that includes in person training (please call the studio for available dates for each location).

Add on option of full kits. Full Kit 1 includes a digital BrowBox Kannon Device. Full Kit 2 includes a digital Mei-cha Lumi Device.


We will teach you how to do machine powdered ombre. Learn in-depth complete processes of the techniques, color theory, machine and needle preference we follow in our studio. You will learn micropigmentation inside and out and gain the confidence you need to begin your exciting new career in this fast growing industry.

Additional Options:
Option 1: add in a private one on one day in our Vancouver or Edmonton studio location
Option 2: add in a full kit (#1) with BrowBox Kannon machine valued at $1000 for $500 or full kit (#2) with MeiCha Lumi machine valued at $2500 for $2000
For in class options: all products to be used in class, manuals, lunch and refreshments will be provided. Your kits include everything we use personally in our studio.

▪Skin anatomy
▪Color theory
▪Science behind pigments
▪Eyebrow design and measurements
▪Healing and aftercare
▪Client preparation/consultation
▪Review of release and consent forms
▪Health safety standards
▪Steps during touch up session
▪Fixing errors and corrections
▪Business and studio setup
▪Machine powdered ombre fundamentals
▪Instructor demonstrates powdered ombre eyebrows
▪Hands on practice on artificial skin
▪And so much more!

Brownude Academy: 10622 170th Street Edmonton, Alberta T5S1P3
Brownude Academy: 3611 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia V6R1P2

Date and Time
Please contact our studio for available dates
10:00 - 6:00 (the day can run later)

Please Note
You will need to provide a model at 2:30pm for powdered ombre eyebrows
Your model must be a candidate for cosmetic tattooing with no previous tattoo on the procedure area

Model Sourcing
If you would like us to help you secure a model for the class you signed up for, please email us the request once you have registered for the course. A fee of $150+gst will be required.

You are able to receive 3 different certifications with this course:
Certificate of Online Academy - Instant after you completed the online portion
Certificate of Attendance - Received after your private one on one training
Certificate of Completion - Only available to students who have registered for in-person training. After completing 10 approved models on your own you will be required to email us before and after photos of your work

You will be asked for a FULL NON-REFUNDABLE payment upon registration for our Online Academy. Taxes are included in the price.
*Financing is available through a 3rd party for Canadian students*

Class attendance is the student’s responsibility. If the student can not attend the scheduled class it is their responsibility to sell their seat.

Cancelled or Relocated Classes
Brownude Permanent Cosmetics & Academy reserves the right to cancel a class at its discretion. Students shall be notified and refunded 100% of their amount paid if the class is cancelled. Brownude Permanent Cosmetics & Academy reserves the right to relocate a class if unforeseen circumstances force us to do so. Students will be notified as soon as the new location information is confirmed and established.

There is no licensing required to attend training, but licensing may be needed depending on your province or state and regulations to open and perform cosmetic tattoo procedures.

Course Curriculum:
  • 1

    Terms Of Service

    • Read Carefully Before Continuing

  • 2

    Meet Your Mentor

    • Thuy

  • 3

    Skin Types

    • Skin Types

    • Skin Conditions

  • 4

    Fitzpatrick Scale

    • The Fitzpatrick Scale

    • How to determine your fitzpatrick skin type

    • Fitzpatrick Scale Quiz

  • 5


    • Tones

  • 6

    Healing And Aftercare

    • Healing Process & Stages

    • Pre & Post Care

    • Representation of Healing Stage

    • Step By Step Of The Healing Model

    • Healing and Aftercare Quiz

  • 7

    Procedure Step By Step

    • Step By Step Screenshot

    • STEP 1 - Get Client To Fill Out Paperwork

    • STEP 2 - Go Through A Full Consultation

    • STEP 3 - Take Clients Before Photos

    • STEP 4 - Wipe Eyebrows with 70% Alcohol

    • STEP 5 - Place 2 Drops Of Brow Prep On Each Eyebrow

    • STEP 6 - Start By Placing The Ruler Center Point

    • STEP 7 - With a White Pencil Mark Your Guidelines

    • STEP 8 - Start by Shaping The Eyebrows

    • STEP 9 - Clean Up Your Mistakes

    • STEP 10 - Clean Up Strays

    • STEP 11 - Get Client Approval

    • STEP 12 - Apply Concealer

    • STEP 13 - Brow Box Grid App

    • STEP 14 - Final Shape Approval

    • STEP 15 - Tray Setup

    • STEP 16 - Place Pigment Bottle On Vortex

    • STEP 17 - Wrap Machine and Cover

    • STEP 18 - Set Machine to Desired Speed

    • STEP 19 - Technician Gets Ready to Begin

    • STEP 20 - Place Hairnet

    • STEP 21 - Mark Stop Point

    • STEP 22 - Stretching The Skin

    • STEP 23 - How To Hold Handpiece

    • STEP 24 - Create Your Guideline

    • STEP 25 - Check Your Depth

    • STEP 26 - Light Guideline

    • STEP 27 - Guideline Stop Point

    • STEP 29 - Check Guideline

    • STEP 30 - Full Guideline

    • STEP 31 - Breaking The Skin

    • STEP 32 - Apply Pigment and Numbing

    • STEP 33 - Place Numbing Wrap

    • STEP 34 -Removing Numbing Wrap

    • STEP 35 - Filling In

    • STEP 36 - Keep Fronts Soft

    • STEP 37 - Air Out Ombre

    • STEP 38 - Check For Voids

    • STEP 39 - Pigment Mask

    • STEP 40 - Wipe Off Pigment Mask

    • STEP 41 - Apply Eyebrow Sealant

    • STEP 42 - Take Client After Photos

    • STEP 43 - Discuss Aftercare

    • STEP 44 - Slight Swelling Is Normal

    • STEP 45 - Two Step Process

  • 8

    Workplace Safety

    • Create a Safe Workplace and Practice Safe Procedures

    • Proper Handwashing

    • Proper Glove Removal

  • 9

    Workplace Setup and Takedown

    • Setting Up Your Workstation

    • Taking Down Your Workstation

  • 10

    Client Intake Forms

    • Download Forms

    • Screenshot Cheatsheet

    • Intake Form Breakdown 1

    • Intake Form Breakdown 2

  • 11

    Studio Start Up & Setting Up

    • Legal Structure

    • Location

    • Business License

    • Insurance

    • Studio Equipment

    • Booking System

  • 12

    Photo Editing

    • 5 second redness removal